Let the security ppl stick to what they gotta do and you pilots can Are you mad that they aren't letting people smuggle drugs thru security? A KCM denial could result from a database error that is nonspecific to you, or it might involve a miscommunication with your air carrier. Please stop blaming flight attendants! Ill go easy on the guy that said he was a cargo pilot. KCM was a tremendous privilege these years we enjoyed it. drills. Packages large enough to smuggle a sufficient quantity of drugs show up on X-rays or via manual searches. Users can change airlines, barcodes, and view history all from the same account. 11/21/22 Notice to KCM Participating Airlines, 6/29/22 Notice to KCM Participating Airlines, 3/1/22 Notice to KCM Participating Crewmembers, 6/23/20 Notice to KCM Participating Crewmembers, A non-expired government-issued photo ID; and, An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID. 0000007057 00000 n Learn to comprehend what I'm saying. The SF system randomly selects individuals to undergo selectee screening and will identify the printed boarding pass or seat request card with a SSSS. Things have gotten so bad, I am ready for a fight. My favorite is from all these so called pilots . Im not very worried about KCM going bye bye. This is just going to exacerbate the problem of long lines and lack of precheck in multiple terminals, You can even point to this as a reason for the insane crowding at lounges were seeing. So many of these comments are quite entertaining. What exactly are the numbers of people who are trying to sneak in illegal things through kcm? You idiots change the security process based on whether or not crew have a certain shirt on. Nobody is throwing away a pilot career for smuggling. When it was in this form, there were virtually no problems. The CDC issued a no-sail order in U.S. waters on March 14 one day after the industry. Hours? Pilots have years and $100,000 plus dollars invested in this career. who cares..I pay TSA people out of my taxes to keep a 9-11 from happening again. Known Crewmember is a risk-based screening system that enables TSA security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of flight crewmembers. When flights get delayed or passengers miss their flights because the TSA already cant keep up with their normal shit. The majority of flight attendants and pilots follow the rules. I dont think there was EVER a 3-4 HOUR security line.except maybe right after 9/11 or perhaps a few times in AMS over the summer. A: Effective March 31, 2022, the TSA will require KCM eligible crewmembers to scan a KCM-issued barcode card when utilizing a KCM access point. Thats why why have an attitude, but when the government stopped paying yall we were some of the first work groups trying to see what we could do to help yall out. There is automation that could easily reduce that time and move the whole process along faster for all passengers - more than offsetting the increased number of airline personnel that have to be scanned. Are you mad that they aren't letting people smuggle drugs thru security? The way I type indicates that I'm a bum and have a busted vehicle? The exception is that employees will sometimes be randomly selected to be screened, and the number of random screenings has reportedly increased significantly in recent months (and will continue to increase). Right, but the OP say's he has " 100% positive reputation and revered status with Spacer's Choice" and yet " still can't buy restricted items such as mag-picks from Spacer's Choice vending machines". Don't have an account? why would it bother you what our reactions are? Crewmembers are subject to a federal background check and fingerprinting as a result of 9/11. Youre a bunch of loser clowns. 82 0 obj <>stream Such conduct can jeopardize crewmembers of their right to participate in the program and consequently jeopardizes the entire Known Crew Member (KCM) program. Real professional comment on your part. 0000060977 00000 n When it was expanded to include flight attendants, we almost immediately saw issues developing. They should just permanently ban the violators from KCM. Crewmembers who do not have a KCM barcode card, have a worn/unreadable barcode card, or have not completed the registration process will be referred to the passenger screening checkpoint for entry into the airport sterile area. US law is pretty clear that there is a legal basis for referring a suspected violator of US law to the appropriate law enforcement agency once there is a reasonable suspicious that arises out of a legitimate and legal search - which the TSA security process is. Hold your fellow flight attendants responsible for their actions. I was getting randomly selected so many times, I never renewed my KCM. If the crewmember/s indicates possession of the items above or personal international travel, the TSO will notify a Supervisory-TSO (STSO). Flight attendants have 2 months of training. Funny how you said that it's the flight attendants when I can tell because I actually work as a flight attendant that just last month a PILOT went through KCM with a loaded weapon that he should have declared. #3 is DEN - they do a secondary screening where they swipe the crew member's hands and test the swab in a machine. My cousin is a flight attendant that flys internationally from South America to the United States. I was next and was told I need further screening tho I did not ring told FA cannot be further screened so I have to be screened??? Perhaps we should make it easy for flight attendants to get to the aircraft too? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that it will take over Known Crew member screening (KCM) in 2023. So they are more likely to risk their crap paying job (as stated in the article) to make big bucks very easily. The last incident of the FA caught smuggling fentanyl in SF because they got the random at KCM and got caught at the security checkpoint was the final nail in the coffin for KCM. The primary mission of TSA is to reduce security vulnerabilities and to strengthen resilience against terrorist attacks in the Nation's transportation systems, including aviation, mass transit, rail, highway, and pipeline, to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. I ever wondered what if one of these TSA screeners or even a LEO get jumped in the Employees parking lot or else where and their uniform stolen?. TSA has determined that certain violations of TSA security requirements by a crewmember are inconsistent with a determination that the crewmember poses a sufficiently low risk to transportation security to be eligible for KCM expedited screening, regardless of whether the violation physically occurred at the KCM access point. Flights can board with/without pilots..however, a flight cannot board without the flight attendants. Really Will? 0000000016 00000 n a. If you are a crew member who, even ONCE, brought a firearm illegally to work, you should be randomly screened for LIFE (even if you only did it once). Reddit - Dive into anything. Random screening/USP is a normal TSA screening policy. So tell me. That only causes issues. There are a number of products which have entry or exit limitations in Spain from outside the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Also when is the last time you saw a TSA agent screened when going through a checkpoint . 0000007899 00000 n Crewmembers may not transit the KCM portal with any. 0000003889 00000 n 2) You want to make the people who cross umpteen timezones for your safety stand around like the rest of you cheap cattle car bovines, watch crews take their sweet time at the back of the two hour line to get through security. If you arrive at the busiest times, youll see dozens of airport staff coming thru the PreCheck positions. Maximum penalties. Plus I would love to see you pilots sitting in the cockpit waiting for 2 hours without being able to board. As a crew member it's disappointing to hear that KCM may be going away. Flight attendants are first responders..they are highly trained professionals.even if some refuse to acknowledge it. DGU W2VTsscpKX Ub. Doesn't my ID matches the same face and picture of myself in their laptop database? SIDA badge holder to carry it into the sterile area then give to the FA for delivery - many SIDA badge holders make less than FAs with easy entry into a position as long as they have a clean-ish background. This is not good for regular TSA Pre-Check users. Flight attendants should have a probationary period and then allowed in as well. 0000001314 00000 n Also a lot of airports, like Ohare, dont require ground crew to go through security check points. As it is, the random screenings have increased exponentially - to the point where crew members are tempted to go through the pre check line anyway to avoid an extra step of waiting for someone to tell you to go there. If your pass has a SSSS printed on it, you must undergo selectee screening at the passenger screening checkpoint. KCM does not exempt a crewmember from complying with these additional screening techniques. trailer That is not correct. Most helpful comments ( as chosen by the OMAAT community ). This enhanced process leverages current technology to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution. Ultimately, you will work with other employees and managers to ensure projects are completed on time and that our organization hits its goals. More egregious violations of the Code Federal Regulations (CFRs) could result in civil or criminal penalties. The first step should be eliminating flight attendants from any expedited screening program. . I'll go to the end of the line and the flight will leave when I get to the aircraft and complete my duties. Full screening. This includes: one open liter of alcoholic beverage and 300 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 2 kilograms of smoking tobacco, or a proportionate amount of each; merchandise not exceeding $200 in value, which may include gifts the crew member has purchased for persons in the United States, free of duty. The TSA is just theater of the absurd (95% fail rate*) . In any event, I really enjoy reading your articles. Right Eddie!?! 1) Its pretty insulting to trash the time & money spent. Therefore, KCM eligible crewmembers are required to understand theKCM Rules for Useand comply with these rules while using the KCM access points. As a 121 passenger pilot, this would push me to go fly cargo, it would be too much of a hassle to go through normal security. KCM is a privilege, not a right. Flight attendants are consistently being found to bring prohibited items (including drugs, even though that's not what TSA is looking for) through KCM. That would stop the violations real quickly. That has never happened at any US domestic airport. Once you receive the barcode card, follow the instructions on the back to register it into the KCM system. darts. Cleaners/agents/food vendors/cleaning crews/maintenance. believe it or not your not nearly as important as you would like to think you are. If they want to look in my bag, no problem. We KCM should be 100% allowed for pilots there is a MASSIVE difference in career terms and pay between pilots and FAs. It's about protecting those who aren't from the delays and damage caused by the searches. What an absolute joke that anyone thinks there is any benefit at all to safety to screen pilots at TSA checkpoints. b. A flight attendant, also known as steward / stewardess or air host / air hostess, is a member of the aircrew aboard commercial flights, many business jets and some government aircraft. But as federal employees they are obligated by duty and law to report violations of other federal/state laws when it comes to their attention - such as finding illegal narcotics while screening for WEI. Bag restrictions are in place for the 2022 season. . Like other airline workers dont use a SIDA badge and go through another entrance. 0000012492 00000 n Having an off duty employee pass rider clogging up lines that they didnt subscribe/pay for is spitting into face of As a paying subscriber of CLEAR & TSAPre, I would welcome a dedicated crew/employee line for those employees that are working. Your password can't be one that you've used previously. Flight attendants and pilots are not similar in importance or security. With an increase in travelers using these checkpoints to smuggle stuff onto planes, it seems that its going to be reconsidered. Whats the data? Wasting TSA time and resources that should be used with someone else. Q: Does using KCM preclude any chance that I may be selected for additional screening after I successfully transit an access point and proceed into the sterile area of an airport? Flight attendants do not have as much to loose as a pilot. Keyboard warrior.. U must be u spirit employee yo shizzie fly attendant yo. The more international travelers know about what to expect, the easier and quicker the process becomes. They are the problem, not pilots. Your feedback is important in helping us keep our community safe. Wade through passengers and bags if you need to. Every actual crew member reading this comment section knows you made that up. Blame it on the flight attendants, but oh the pilots wouldn't try to smuggle anything. Then to say the flight attendants can make a few runs and make their salary. Not only does he have an axe under his seat, but he could simply crash the plane. They may be carried by passengers or crew members and are for personal use only. Q:Difficulties with KCM Account Activation or Barcode Card Registration? For context, with the Known Crewmember Program, eligible pilots and flight attendants dont have to clear security when passing through airports. Our frustration has absolutely nothing to do with entitlement. I am sorry to say but sometimes FA and Pilot take advantage of the KCM and sorry to say these but sometimes you also show up late to flights when getting coffee. For those passengers saying we are using a program that they are paying for. Known Crewmember Sign Up Username Password Password Requirements: Your password must contain at least 15 characters. It is incorporated for crewmembers protection and to ensure the integrity of the system. NEWSFLASH: Most hand creams that flight attendants use (#1 preferred product by F/A's is "WORKING HANDS") have glycerine at the VERY TOP of the ingredients list. Yes, I am furious. TSA finds almost all guns. I am flight crew, and for all flight crew here talking about going to the end of the line, taking your sweet time to delay the flight, etc.youve got it wrong. Your anger and frustration brings me joy. "TSA PRE-CHECK" line where most do not have to remove their shoes or take laptops out of bags - yay. HVO@_qIgr&mU%x Jii7l%S~/-iL@+$gh^OFA^ ,=`no~e)b(RJHKiyW:VNXGtZF E`kpn3SkO{ QzW-aIXeAINd~#n"xOZe{u^{OF&kkZ The more that original mission is replaced by "catch and imprison people carrying contraband" the less it makes sense to ignore the protections afforded under the Fourth. And not punish the rest of us. I've always been concerned they let them into known crewmember from day one. A KCM denial could result from a database error that is nonspecific to that crewmember, or it might involve a miscommunication with the crewmembers airline database. The blame is on BOTH PARTS. Punish those that broke the rule. This would no longer be a joint initiative with the Air Line Pilots Association and Airlines for America, but rather would entirely be under the control of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Stay in your busted vehicle because I can tell by the way you type youre a bum at best. Report: TSA Ending Known Crewmember Program In 2023 Ben Schlappig Published: November 30, 2022 Updated: December 4, 2022 201 While exact details remain to be seen, it would appear that airline pilots and flight attendants may have to consistently start going through airport security as of next year In this post: The KCM system uses a secure connection to communicate with the participating airlines crewmember database to determine the eligibility and employment status of the crewmember. So drugs should be allowed? So in reality anyone who come into the airlines as an employee. Therefore air passengers are advised not to carry with them such locally made power bank during the journey. Not pilots. Known Crew Members (KCM) Lanes KCM ties airline employee databases together in a seamless way and enables Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of crew members. 911? Maybe a probationary period before they are eligible, idk. Someone just got on an aircraft with a box cutter and attempted to attach someone with it but lets see how many pilots making great money are willing to risk their lives and careers as drug smugglers. No other individuals are allowed access in the KCM program. Airline pilot here. It takes all of us to to fly passengers. Pilots have a lot more to lose (significant investment in their career, inability to easily switch to a different field with similar compensation, licenses, etc) than flight attendants do. ice axes and ice picks. The SF system randomly selects individuals to undergo selectee screening and will identify the printed boarding pass or seat request card with a SSSS. A:The KCM barcode card is used to expedite the crewmember verification process at the KCM access points. "Y'all fucked around and found out". Thanks to the right wing gun nuts that cant tell a difference between their flight bag and a range bag. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. This entire article was a joke and seemed more demeaning than informative. Crewmembers who do not have a KCM barcode card, have a worn/unreadable barcode card, or have not completed the registration process will be referred to the passenger screening checkpoint for entry into the airport sterile area. Too bad Clayton Osbon didn't have a gun and kill the fo right? Get a list of the restricted items, dangerous goods. I show up clean shaven, fresh haircut, pressed uniform and a smile. On August 30, 2019, TSA announced new crewmember identification requirements. That is incorrect, KCM has an annual fee usually paid for by the union, company, or individual flight crew members - depending on the company. They just walk all the way inside the secured area without being challenged or ID/Badge checked. Make an example of someone make it public and I bet people will reconsider their behavior. Ive definitely noticed an increase in random screenings over the last several months. Nevertheless, we know it takes man power and probably effects First, crew members appreciate having a KCM check point. Why not stop all cars on the highway and search for drugs? I'm a Flight Attendant for a major US Carrier and I've known of a few that have had privileges suspended for a year and of one who had her privileges permanently revoked. If the investigation does not result in a regulatory finding, KCM privileges will be restored when the investigation is closed. Crew Member responsibilities include assisting customers as needed, answering questions, and completing daily tasks. The people being caught with contraband are both flight attendants and pilots. Punish those that broke the rule. So, my take is its bull and going to cause more problems for everyone. 1) Its pretty insulting to trash the time & money spent. KCM is a risk-based security program and the use of the KCM program is a privilege and not a right. That volume won't come back to the regular checkpoints. Anyway, Im curious to see what the new procedure looks like. Will the Expedited Crew Access program require all pilots and flight attendants to be screened, or? So it's not that they don't understand the reputation-restricted nature of items; it's that they have the rep and still can't buy the items. Q: I am a crewmember that works for a KCM participating airline. In your feeble mind, do you really think the TSA guy sitting there makes the rules? Seemingly every airline is telling you to arrive 2-3 hours ahead of time because you never know how many TSA employees showed up that day. If you make it through quickly, then suddenly you have to kill 2 hours in a lounge. Failure to submit to screening at the passenger screening checkpoint (e.g., using a SIDA badge to avoid screening) is considered circumvention of screening, and TSA may take enforcement action in accordance with the KCM Disqualification Protocols (KCMDP). Without them, you're just an individual sitting in the gate area, getting angrier because your flight is delayed because the flight attendants are stuck in You really need to understand a few basics of airline travel. Its not just flight attendants. If TSA cannot confirm a crewmembers identity or current employment status at the KCM access point, the crewmember will be directed to the passenger-screening checkpoint. They also let a passenger through a week ago with a razor blade. Yeah, like pilots dont smuggle things in either smh! And while I'm in line to be scanned throughout the KCM door, they just walk in without ID check. You're about as much of a "first responder" as the senior citizen who greets people at Walmart. As a Flight Attendant I support keeping it for the pilots. It is unfortunate that in 2023, the program may no longer exist for some. all while putting up with ATTITUDES & MINDSETS from people like you! If they can make their annual salary as a flight attendant with a couple of runs, then they might figure its worth the risk. The transportation of such items is restricted and governed by the Civil Aviation Regulations. KCM is Accessible Only for "Active" Crewmembers. Pilots are not, and haven't been the problem. known crew member (kcm) access seatac known crew member (kcm) access seatac photos known crew member (kcm) access seatac location TSA has implemented a standardized response from the agency for KCM suspensions and removals rather than relying on agency field operations to implement such measures. If you arrive at the busiest times, youll see dozens of airport staff coming thru the PreCheck positions. is dean robert willis married,
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